One space at a time

Moving into a school bus isn’t so different from moving into a new home. However, making it your own is even more important. Choosing such a radical change in life style can be extremely disruptive. I’ve noticed changes to my sleep patterns, eating behavior, and my bowel movements (which in an RV toilet can be very challenging). Thus, gaining some normality is important for your health.

The second we could, I starting making the bus our home. First, I hung art that I pre-selected from our collection. Our townhouse in Denver was full of large scale art from artist friends and my own works. All of those went into storage. There was no where to put them in our tiny home. Although, a few pieces remained that fit the size constraints. Next, I added pillows, a couch cover and other small details that we had retained from our purge. But despite all of this, it still isn’t our place yet. This was just our travel home. It was the best I could do while we traveled from Colorado to Oregon.

Once we arrived in our river side spot, the first thing to do was outside. We leveled the gravel parking spot so that our RV systems inside the bus could function as well as possible. Using a line level, a shovel, and a rake; we moved the road base our generous landlord had provided. When we completed that, it allowed me to setup the patio and “backyard” space.

This is only a temporary setup. We’ll need something more permanent in the winter rains of the Northwest. For now it is a relaxing space for us to view the river and enjoy our new home. Just having this piece done added a significant amount of enjoyment and satisfaction to our new lives.

Next, we’ll be tearing out a set of bunks and the “closet” to make a real closet space for our clothes. Stay tuned for that post soon.

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