#schoolbusliving is on life support

Half a year ago, we were on our way to Des Moines. With a check in my pocket, we flew a short distance to buy our bus. Today, we are in a studio, cottage, converted garge.

It’s not bad, truly. Our new space is quite fitting to keep our tiny lifestyle. We have a tiny wood stove, atic space to store stuff, and an enclosed portch. Alas, it is not our 40ft, golden, beast of a bus.

She is at a diesel mechanic about an hour from the coast. We had her towed there for a diagnosis. The results are grim. To date we’ve been quoted three different price for three different methods to fix her engine. I’m still waiting for the write up, I suspect it will take a while. Basically, she needs a complete rebuild or a new engine. All of the fixes are costly.

From a financial perspective, the risk we take to continue with her is greater than my stomach can take. She is not dead! However, as the days progress, the likely hood of moving back in is diminishing.

For now, we need to focus on getting back into routine. Our misfortune happened at a great time. The holiday break allowed us to handle the changing situation swiftly. Just in time for Derek to start back up at school, we are mostly settled into our new place.

There are advantages here. I miss working with the chickens dearly, but the extra time will let me focus on me. The beach is a short walk from our little abode. I have absolutely no excuse at this point. My plan is to go for a walk every morning.

We are much closer to the school. Derek could catch the bus, if I can convince him. We are much closer to everything in general. For the extra we pay in rent right now, we might save in gas.

While we weigh the costs, dreams, and needs of our life we will continue to live tiny. This above all else is the first true lesson of our adventure to-date. We love living small, with less stuff, and the ability to move as we need. We may not continue with our lovely bus, but we will continue to live in small spaces for the rest of our life.