Sex on a bus

Yep, I’m going there, but trust that I’ll be….appropriate.

We are a married couple and we do what most married couples do. We have sex. Ekkkk!!! Yep. Face it.

There are some challenges with having sex on a skoolie. Above all else, being discrete. Our bedroom is surrounded by windows on three sides and is at the back of our 40ft home. The entire bedroom is on the back over hang. What does that mean? It bounces.

While driving down the road, if you sit back there it’s like a kiddy ride, bouncing you all over the place. When parked and in use by it’s adult, consenting owners, it bounces. Every time my husband and I are having fun, its hard not to think of the phrase “don’t come a knocking when the bus is a rock’n” LOL!

But then, it’s a bus, on wheels, on shocks; it bounces whenever we walk too fast or play with our dog. So for a unknowing observant, it could look like we are having sex all the time. At first that bothered me, but now…hmm….aw heck. Just go ahead and think that.