We ran out of propane a 3:00 AM

As my husband went to pee in the middle of the night, he noticed the rest of the bus was freezing. In my groggy, half awake state I replied that we’d fix it in the morning. We have a small space heater in our room and the animals where tucked in with us so I didn’t worry. At 9:30 AM today, (with my two pairs of heavy socks on, a long sleeve shirt, two flannel shirts, and jeans) I finally admitted to myself that I was cold.

Our heat is provided through a small but mighty propane furnace. The propane sits in two cylinders at the back of the bus. Every few weeks we have to get them filled in town. Which doesn’t seem like a big deal until you have one car, and two inefficient tanks.

So today, while I ran a company meeting, I stood in front of the space heater rubbing my hands together. One thought came to mind after closing the GoToMeeting session.

I really am roughing it.

Like the Internet meme with the beautiful cabin set in the woods, I am living in the middle of nowhere with WiFi. What that meme doesn’t elude to is that the beautiful cabin must have heat to make using the Internet barable.

The dichotomy of the situation was striking. At that moment, I hadn’t yet found the humor of my predicament. At 8:00 PM it is slowly setting in. One day, I’ll have a funny story share. But for now, I’m sitting directly in front of the furnace.