“Prey 4 surf.” A quick note, scribbled on a whiteboard, that unintentionally became the motto for our go-get-outside lifestyle. Originally just a simple reminder to pray to the surf gods between swells, the misspelling of “pray” got us thinking — why in the hell are we so obsessed with surfing anyway? It’s not only because we enjoy it, there’s much more to it than that. No one enjoys putting on a damp wetsuit at 7am when the surf’s good, but we do it anyways.

We all have a passion for something… something that has an unexplainable power over us. For some, it comes in the form of perfectly breaking wave with just the right amount of offshore wind. For others, it’s an empty trail, a quiet river, or an untracked tree line. Our passions are ingrained in our DNA, and are the things that makes us unique from the 7 billion other people in this world.

We are prey to these passions. Prey, in the sense that these desires always seem to come back, day after day after day. They capture our thoughts, our memories, and our actions, keeping us grounded while simultaneously giving us the freedom we need to survive.

If you know what it feels like to take one more paddle to make the drop, or to let go of the airplane door and jump, you know what it means to be prey. You understand that this is a way of life: a push to do, not hesitate. A desire to go, not stay. A wish to appreciate different cultures, not ignore them. A deep-rooted longing to experience every moment, not dwell in neglected opportunities. To understand the idea of being “prey” is to embrace the wipeout before the ride, darkness before the light, and the struggle before progress.

Instead of competitions, failures, or unfinished moments, we measure the success of our lives through through a collection of experiences. These are the moments that keep us on the edge, and allow our instinct to become inspiration, and our imagination to become reality.

This is the foundation of our company, our message, and our lifestyle. So, what are you prey for?

Prey4surf. Prey4snow. Prey4life.

-Adventure Aide-

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