Abu Dhabi airport terminal 3 to terminal 1 transfer

Transferring from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 or vice versa in Abu Dhabi airport usually takes place only during transit where passengers will have to move from one terminal to another which usually occurs on a daily basis. I meet some travelers who forget their terminals and meet me with so much of tension as thinking they might miss their flight as it may be of a long distance from one to another terminal.

I being in service in almost in all airports of UAE can confidently say that Abu Dhabi airport is smaller when compared to Dubai. Transferring from one terminal to another in Dubai airport has many options from bus shuttles to metro rail to airport concourse rail systems due to its vastness in size. There are no such services available at Abu Dhabi airport as it’s not a need over here.

In Abu Dhabi airport you do not have to worry about this transfer. Like I said usually the transfer is only between 1 & 3. Terminal 2 is rarely in this criterion. Time and distance is always a concern for many passengers whom I meet here every hour. Let me give you a clear understanding so that I can give a boost of confidence to many travellers who usually worry about sending their parents alone due to this terminal transfers in Abu Dhabi International airport.

The distance between terminal 1 and 3 is quite a short distance only. Trust me it’s not at all tiring. There is no need for you to run or move in a hurry. The maximum time one person can take if he/she walks on a slow phase like may be an elderly couple; it would take only 15 mins. Pushed more will go upto only 20 mins not more than that. So Now I am sure you get the right picture.

Abu Dhabi airport is not much of a rush than Dubai as Dubai is linked with many other entities within the airport premises. You will only encounter the baggage checks and the security screening as usual since you are entering another hub even though it is in the same Abu Dhabi airport. These security measures are all done by the authorities for the safety of each and everyone.

You also have the option of requesting a wheel chair in case you really need it. Thus do not have any doubts, please feel free to ask or talk and contact any of the airport staff who will be very much happy to assist you as they consider all passengers and travellers to be given with personal attention in Abu Dhabi airport.

Meanwhile my personal advise is always try to be on time and not wait till the last moment to make your transfer movement from one terminal to another. I do understand it is a small distance, but keep in mind the security and immigration checks. Thus being early is never at a loss. Another personal experience of mine which I wanted to share is since I travel with my family and hope that it will help you too. In case you want to have your meal or do some shopping or even currency exchange, I please recommend you to do all of it in your current terminal and then move on with easy to your next terminal. Usually when I have my transit I usually have my meal at terminal 3 and then leisurely transfer to terminal 1. It is not much of a big difference but you will feel quite relaxed as this current terminal is when you are out where as the transfer terminal is entering in again. So sometimes time cannot be planned as airport systems vary time to time.

Thus I am sure now you are very clear as in my experience I transfer for my work purposes on a daily basis which will take me only 10 mins to cross over. In case you need any assistance or attention please seek to the airport staff and they are here to serve you at Abu Dhabi airport no matter whether you are at terminal 3 or terminal 1; you are a valued guest of Abu Dhabi airport.