The Exchange

In this season I’m learning to feel through things. I like to think of myself as being transparent, but I end up singing a different tune concerning matters of the heart. It’s easy for me to mask and cover up things… Pretend as if nothing ever happened. However, I understand that the healing process begins with being truthful.

Honestly, sometimes I feel like I get the short end of the stick. I don’t ask for much, but the one thing I do ask for seems like it’s unattainable. And no, I am not bitter. I’m just being real. For once in my life, I am not ashamed to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability makes room for God to mend the broken pieces in our lives. It is in that moment where He begins making us whole. God will give us beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3), but there needs to be an exchange. We must give Him the ashes.

He desires for us to be whole. When we’re honest with with God and ourselves, we can boldly lay every weight and heavy burden before Him. Once we’re willing to let go, His healing power will rest upon us. We will be restored and complete.