New Orleans: Where The Turtle Met The World


Starting before I was even in hight school, my parents would take us to the French Qurater in New Orleans every year for family vacation. We would roam the streets looking at shops while we sipped a cafe au lait from Café du Monde, listen to the street musicians playing old time jazz brass instruments during our morning beignets, and walk the French Market while snacking on aligator sausage and maybe some crawfish. A place rich with food, culture and art! I’ve always felt at home in New Orleans.

On one of our walks, we strolled down to the mighty Mississippi River. Walking down the docks, we came across what was one of the most influential moments in my life. You see, It was my day to use my mother’s Nikon film camera and I was overjoyed when I cam across this amazing moment in time. I had to capture the essence of the moment and share it with the world! The elegance of this ship took my breath away as I spent nearly half an hour and half my roll of film trying to capture just the right moment in time.

Moments like that developed into an unseeding desire to explore the world and share my experiences. I know a visit to this great city will surely strike you with deep emotions just like me every time my adventure takes me through New Orleans.

HMS Sutherland — Seth Lee Photography 2016
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