Let’s Begin

Dearest JB,

Argh! I said let’s begin, but I don’t really know where or how. Well, I suppose I can tell you what I had in mind. Or maybe gush about how excited I am for what lies ahead… Both, I suppose, would be valid.

Alright, so you know how we both are very much determined to be writers, but every so often we both struggle quite a bit with productivity? And you know how you’re about to start a super rad and brand new adventure in gorgeous Seattle, and we’re still looking at the possibility of me going to Italy? And you know how that means we will be seeing each other less than we have ever seen each other over these past four years? You see where I’m going here? So here was my “brilliant” thought — we write a blog together. It would be a form of not only keeping each other honest about writing every day, but also a way for us to keep in touch and stay involved in each other’s lives, even when we’re time zones and possibly countries and oceans apart. And if that is the case (the time zone thing), imagine how fun it would be, waking up to a new blog post every morning :) (we could potentially be living on a nine hour difference).

I hope this sounds as exciting to you as it did to me when I first thought of it, haha. If I’m being totally honest, I might be doing this more for myself than for you. I know you’ve said it would never happen, but I am terrified that we’ll lose touch. Not that we’ll stop being friends — the best there is, truly — because I know that no matter how long we go without seeing each other or without talking, our friendship will always be a constant, but I am afraid of missing out on important, or even smaller, less important details of your life that I otherwise wouldn’t if we still lived in the same city or state. I’m the worst at keeping in touch with people, even those who I love very much (because truthfully, I was horrid at even updating my parents and sisters when we were abroad), but I’m hoping that making this promise to you — to write to you even on my worst and most exhausting of days — will help me be better about demonstrating how much I value your presence in my life, even if it has to be a cyber presence, and the lengths to which I am willing to go to make sure I never lose you.

Alas, let me close this before I make myself cry (because we both know it won’t be you, haha). Johnny Boy, congratulations on all that you have accomplished to this day, and cheers to everything you have yet to do. I’m glad to be celebrating your graduation with you, and to also be here to send you off on the new adventure you will soon be starting. I am so, so thrilled for the internship, and I’m so very eager to hear all about it once you get started. I also have total confidence that you will find a good job out in Seattle, because you’re incredible and determined and the most amazing of people.

I love you, Johnny Boy.

With all my Pride and Joy,