Choosing Brochure Holders for your Business Needs

Every organisation needs to promote its products and services in order to create awareness and make sales. No matter what type of product your business makes or what services your provide, you need to reach out to your target audience. Brochures are the most effective in doing so, but their neat and tidy presentation is vital.

The main aim behind using a brochure holder is making a compact and neat appearance so that it gains the attention of the customers. No one would like to search the brochure in piles of documents and mailers lying across the front table.

There is an array of varieties available, you need to choose the ones that suit your business needs.

Wooden Holders — These holders are sturdy and conventional. Different types of wood are used to design these holders, you may go for oak or mahogany racks for the magazines in the office or public places. The wooden holders are available in various shades to match up with your decor. You can either select a rack with a stand or go for wall mounted holders to save space and look appealing too.

Plastic Holders — These holders are comparatively cheaper and can be used for displaying various brochures at one time. These are light weight, durable and hence do not break easily. However, they have sharp edges and can be injurious. Ensure that you choose holders with round edges. Thermoforming plastic holders are better and sturdier and since they do not have any joints they last longer.

Acrylic Holders — These holders are a bit expensive than the plastic ones, but provide better advantages than all other brochure holders such as glass like consistency, hardness and resistance to corrosion. Acrylic holders are the most commonly used holders as they are attractive and make your brochures pop out. You can either select floor standing or go for wall mount acrylic brochure holder to save space.

Wire Holders — These brochure holders are created with metal ligaments which are welded to form a sturdy frame. These are available in various sizes and shapes and can be selected based on the particular requirements of your business and the available space. These holders are highly durable.

Although there are different types of brochure holders available, so it is important to choose according to the type of product you want to promote. Advertising Industries is one of the leading suppliers of promotion and display products in Australia. They help businesses showcase their products in the most attractive and aesthetically appealing ways.