Ceirus Hiita’s Journey

“Excuse me, sir?”
Ceirus Hiita opened an eye to find himself looking at an attractive female flight attendant. “Sir,” she said, “we will be landing soon. You should make sure your belongings are together.”
“Thanks,” he said. Ceirus was dressed almost entirely in black. His pants were baggy and had several pockets. He wore a black dress shirt over a white T-shirt. His boots were tall and black, and they strapped on the sides at the top. He also wore a black leather overcoat that hung down to a little less than an inch above the ground. He wore a pendant shaped as the Dharma Wheel of Law on a thin piece of black leather rope around his neck. On his right hand, he wore a simple, silver ring that had a black onyx stone set in it. His brown hair, which had been short at one time, had grown long due to not being cut in almost a year and it hung down in front of his green eyes. He hadn’t shaved in a couple days and was looking a bit rough. 
He watched the attendant walk down the aisle and stretched. Ceirus looked at his watch. It was 16:43UT. The delay had set him back about thirty minutes. She wasn’t going to be very happy. He looked out the window next to him. Titan was coming into view now. He wondered what Ren was doing out here on this moon. She just couldn’t come to Earth, he thought.
Ceirus opened his eyes. Maybe Ren could help me sort this out, he thought. He sighed again. He hadn’t seen her in a while. He thought about the last time they had met. It had been almost a year ago. That was also the first time they had met. They really didn’t know each other that well now that he thought about it. The only reason he was going to see her again was because she had contacted him and said that she might be able to help him remember his past.
Ceirus couldn’t remember anything from before two years ago. He had been found outside a small town in the southern part of what was left of the United States. He only lived there for a little over nine months before that night…
He shuddered. That night wasn’t something he wanted to remember. In fact, he wished that he could completely forget that horrific night. Ceirus glanced down the aisle. He saw the girl who woke him talking to another female attendant. They smiled at him, and he returned the smiles. They giggled and continued talking while glancing at Ceirus every once and a while. Ceirus ran his hand through his hair to get it out of his face. This trip might not be so bad after all, he thought.
Suddenly, there was a loud thud from behind him. Ceirus turned in his seat to see three guys in ski masks, one red, one blue, and one green. The one in the green mask had knocked out the male attendant, who was slowly floating down the aisle now. The other two guys pulled guns out of their jackets.
“Alright, everybody” said the guy in the green mask, “as long as you cooperate, no one will get hurt.”
The guy in the green mask walked to the front and grabbed the girl who had woke Ceirus. “What’s your name?” green mask asked as he pulled out his gun.
“Mi-Mi-Michelle,” she stuttered.
“Ok. Now this is what’s going to happen,” green mask said. “All of you are going to take your valuables and put them in the bags my two friends are carrying. If anyone decides to play hero, Michelle here is going to get a bullet in her head.”
“Cough up ever’ thin yer’ve got,” blue mask said to him.
Ceirus looked up at him for second then reached to the large case in the seat next to him. In a flash, Ceirus knocked the guy in the head with the case, sending him flying towards the green masked guy. Several people ducked to avoid being hit. 
“Oomph!” green mask said as blue mask slammed into his stomach. A couple of the other passengers grabbed Michelle as she floated toward them.
“What the-!” said red mask as he turned his head just in time to see the end of Ceirus’s case bash him between the eyes. Passengers scrambled out of the way as red mask flew backwards into the wall.
Ceirus stepped forward and cracked his knuckles. For a moment, the other passengers stared at Ceirus in bewilderment and confusion. Several people were rubbing from the sudden light. He scratched the back of his head as he looked down at the guy with the blue mask who was floating near him. Then, he looked at the other passengers.
“Um,” he said nervously, “Does anyone have something we could use to tie these guys up with?”

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