“Tenuous” Geopolitical Landscape Bears Watching by Risk Managers: RIMS Report

The current global geopolitical landscape has become one of the most unstable in recent memory according to experts, a fact that has serious economic and organizational implications for risk managers and their firms.

“From the violence that continues to be inflicted by ISIS, to the political turmoil in Argentina and Brazil, to the Brexit earthquake that is shaking the European Union, these pessimistic predictions about global stability seem to be accurate. What is a risk manager to do? While many of the crises besetting the globe are con­cerning at an existential level, risk profession­als still must confront the pitfalls facing their organizations,” stated Brandon Righi, author of the RIMS report entitled, “Decoding Political Risk Management.”

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Erin Ayers, “Tenuous” geopolitical landscape bears watching by risk managers: RIMS report (August 16, 2016), available with subscription at Advisen Professional Front Page News.