Self Advocacy: Why it matters and what we’re doing about it

The ACE team have started another 6 week self advocacy/ confidence building workshop at Starling Grove — a supported living scheme.

This week we introduced what self advocacy is and everyone created their own one page profiles.

Self advocacy means to be able to speak up for yourself and to have the skills and confidence to say when you don’t agree with something.

The one page profiles enable the client say a little bit about themselves and to say what is important to them and how they like to be supported. There’s also a section to say what people like and admire about them. It’s a great tool for clients to use when new people come into their lives. It helps to start conversations and also helps to avoid awkward or difficult situations arising. For example, a one page profile may say that the client feels anxious when in noisy places. This would quickly show that meeting for a coffee in ASDA café on a busy Monday morning could put the client in an uncomfortable situation.

The workshops last for 1.5 hrs and we will be covering topics such as peer pressure, assertiveness and bullying.

We will be running more workshops throughout the year.

If you’d like to get involved or refer someone to one of our courses, give us a ring on 0121 706 4696 and ask to speak to someone in the ACE team.

Funded by the Big Lottery Fund