Making The Best Reputation As A Lawyer SEO

The search engine optimization can show you the door as a lawyer and you end up cursing the day you were born. It’s on google yes! But the three main steps like;

1. Client searches, criminal lawyer

2. The prospective client being luck lands on your website and reads on the cases you have handled on crimes.

3. Some surety leads him to contact you and that’s how you two end up in court as a team.

Marketing procedures

What majority of people have no idea is that; SEO is one of the most hyped marketing strategies more than even other mediums in social media. To know more details about SEO for lawyers visit here :

As SEO lawyer one will definitely believe that the optimization search engine will bring clients to his firm like manna from heaven. They will therefore pump as much money as they have to online marketing. The sad part of all this is that they have no idea on how to build up a reputation that will last a lifetime.

Steps to follow

So, how about, as a lawyer SEO, get a few tips from me today?

1. A prospective client googles” how to get away with murder in 2012?”

2. The land on your blog post that precisely and meticulously handles the subject.

3. They read through your article and they even take notes because that’s exactly what they wanted

4. It does not end there, they go through your website and read another article you have written

5. As if that is not enough, they sign up and subscribe to your blog as they share links to their friends

6. It goes on for a while, they attend a court session where you have a case and they are totally impressed with your wits even when you lost the case.

7. They finally contact you and hire you, because apparently, might get yourself in some shit


There is no shortcut on becoming the most sought for lawyer SEOI. Years of patience and resilience and getting your hands dirty will get you at the top. It all narrows down to blog posts on cases you have handled, videos of yours in a court session, research work and case studies. with that prospective and serious client base can be erected at ease. You will to spend more time and perhaps money on better and great content as opposed to having a beautiful website that has nothing readable.

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