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Spotmi changes the search game

Peek Search. What, why and how?
The captain’s going to take care of all those queries for you.

So why is it, that Spotmi came up with such an unconventional design to the infamous search functionality. The answer is simple. To simplify and yet keep things interesting, because it matters. And honestly, it was no fun to design the same exact thing that we have been seeing for years. Do you remember the time you wanted to introduce someone to a friend of yours? It’s not all interesting in the beginning, but as you learn more about a person, if he’s adventurous, maybe share the same interest or have aligned views on some topic, you start to develop an interest. You just don’t want to waste your time knowing information that’s totally irrelevant to you or doesn’t add up to your inner anxious. …

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New social network’s short updates!

Hello people, How’s it going?

This is Spotmi Shots, a new, quick way to connect with you guys.
Shots offer timely news about what’s happening and what comes next at Spotmi, ranging from all the announcements, mentions and creative insights about new technology.

We believe longs blogs hold you too much for such short information. We came up this to save you on time and help you get all the updates quickly. This will make it easier for you to read on the go, share with your friends or even start a conversation with the one sitting on your side.

This is just a small announcement Shot. You can expect shots to be small just like this article or a two to four-minute read. We’ll keep you updated with all the jingle that goes on at Spotmi. …

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Spotmi completes one year in the ecosystem

This is your captain speaking 👨🏻‍✈️. Welcome aboard. Our Journey till the end of this article is going to be 2 minutes, filled with lots of information and new surprises. We expect you to have an enjoyable experience, so stay tuned.

This day the last year, Spotmi was launched with a very simple vision in mind, to get reality to social network and level up this game. So far we have accomplished pretty fascinating results and have conquered a couple of challenges. Starting from the first day, having the most minimal design and functionality, we are here today offering a variety of options like peek-search, the spot-ground, One-Tap Access and Spotmi Assist( a personal assistant that actually takes feedback from users to see if it truly understands what your expression meant). This has been quite a journey for us and we are delighted with the response we’ve got. So far, people have been sharing moments of their life right from their birthdays, to parties, to vacations and a lot more. …

Intervention of social network to reality.

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Hola, This is Aakash. I am here to present you the level up for social networking. A totally new social network that’s built on what I call Real Interface. First, let me take you where this all began.

In 1997, when SixDegrees the first social network paved its way to our lives providing us with capabilities of posting picture and making friends on the World Wide Web. This was the first time when the friends of friends connected. This was the first time when you could make friends online and share your photos with the world.

Then came Myspace, a place where on top of what SixDegrees offered, people could also create blogs, share videos, form groups, talk to each other etc. Myspace got more of a boost in that era since the World Wide Web or the Internet as we call it, was accessible by most by then. That was the time of web 1.0. …


Aakash Dave

CEO @ Spotmi, A social network that understands your facial expressions and feelings. Love to challenge conventional tech monopoly and build something amazing.

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