Today I will introduce to you what many would argue is the shiniest new feature of the popular React library — React Hooks.

I personally am falling in love with the React.memo concept, but we can reserve it for another tutorial though.

We are here to talk about Hooks so let’s get into it.

First thing first what are hooks??

Fair question. Components are at the heart of the React library and there are essentially two ways to write them. Either as a class base component or a functional component.

Prior to version 16.8 I believe, using the class base syntax was the only way to…

As a developer you probably spend more time reading code than actually writing it. Besides your regular outputs and refactors, think about the amount of time you spend on reading tutorials, documentations, reviewing a pull request, checking the latest cool repos on Github, maintaining a project etc…, the list goes on.

Unfortunately, reading does not necessarily translate into understanding.
I’m here to bet that one the main reasons a codebase or project does not get adoption or gets abandoned is simply because it requires too much brain processing power and put simply is not intuitive.

Many in western cultures are…

Like many things in life, mastery requires practice and the coding interview is no exception.

Often times though, the focus is on trying to find the best solution from the get-go rather than the approach on how to iterate and maybe get there.

The most important part, in my humble opinion, is to get it right first. In your normal coding life, you would rarely, if ever, be able to produce “perfect” code without first going through a set of iterations.

The approach during the coding interview should not differ and if played well should help you score invaluable points…

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This is the second installment in our series of 28 Relevant JavaScript Interview Questions.

As a quick refresher, there is a general sense that technical interviewing is broken. JavaScript is probably the most popular programming language today and certainly part of the top fives.

Hiring the right candidate in the JS world — which has become a multiverse — is turning into an experimental art form.

I have, like many before and many more to come, been a witness to the impact of a poor screening process and this is my attempt to be a part of the solution.


Truth be told I’m not a fan at all of algorithm code challenges. That might be surprising to hear from someone who’s putting up a tutorial on how to solve one, and who on top of it has made a mission of ‘fixing the Javascript Interview process. You might want to read more about that on the article below.

The reality is that, if you are to get hired anywhere as a Javascript developer, it would be hard and almost impossible in the current state to bypass these types of challenges.

Hacker Rank is the perfect playground to get your…

A little perspective
For the past 12 years, I have been on both sides of the Front End Interview table. Sadly though, the emphasis is always put on Javascript during those rounds and the two other important languages — _HTML_ and _CSS_ — are not usually given the same weight.

Javascript though is very hard to cover as a whole since it has evolved from inside the DOM manipulation frame, to about anything that one sets their mind too. …

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