Who to Follow — Episode I

Who to Follow is a series where I highlight any form of art that I feel that deserves more attention.

I did only one article like this 2 years ago, but I want this to be a fresh start so we’ll start with theOdd1sOut.

I heard of this guy almost a year ago when MKBHD posted this comic:

I found it funny and I followed James on Twitter, hoping for more. Later that day I found that he has a Youtube channel where he tells various simple life stories in a very funny way.

I just got addicted to his videos from the beginning and back then the videos weren’t even that well drawn. His story telling techniques are so catchy and its like watching cartoons when you are a kid, but now you understand the jokes. And his jokes are clever.

Some of my favorite videos are Times I plagiarized / Job Interviews or Top 10 things that keep me awake at night — but really you should check all of them.

You can find bunch of easter eggs throughout the video at the perfect frame and sometimes they are actually funny.

Overall this is a great Youtube channel to check when you wanna go back in time on your childhood and have a good time.

You can find James here: