Make Yourself Useful

I work as a sales professional, selling mainly IT services to global MNC’s and that requires me to pitch to key people in organisations.I have travelled for work around world too.But nothing made me happier than helping this old music instrument maker sell couple of his instruments.He sits near parking of Mysore Palace in Mysore. He makes his instrument from coconut shell and wooden sticks.He plays very well too.I heard this tune “Tujhe Dekha toh ye jaana sanam”and turned back. I saw this old man smiling at me while playing.He did not stop the music to pitch his instrument for me to buy.He, in turn asked me if I would like to play it.I said that I do not know how to play.To which he answered , try it :you will realise your tune.I started playing , I knew what I was playing made no sense but I enjoyed it.Maybe that was my tune, that only I could comprehend.I then asked him ,how much did he sell them for.He gently replied , for Rs.100.He expected me to negotiate, so was surprised when I paid him the money he asked for.Then I said, lets make some sales for you.I started gathering crowd for him and started pitching.There was no board room, no appointments necessary, no business formals , yet was very important and exciting pitch for me.I had my friends with me, and we had a long drive to Bangalore so I could only help him sell couple but I do hope he sold more to the crowd gathered there.While departing I looked back, he smiled and waved at me.I took my instrument in my hand, looked back at him and started playing my tune. )