My glass is empty?

While the pessimists says that their glasses are half empty and optimists talk of glasses that are half full. Let’s talk about people who feel their glasses are empty. I feel it too. Let’s call people of my kind emptimists (the word does not exist). I often think of the void in my mind and in my heart created by ignorance of the path to be taken(clear lack of vision). And when I try to talk through the void, my voice echoes loud, so loud that I stop talking to myself.

I try thinking about the empty glass again. The glass sure is not half full or half empty but there is a glass. Is it not good enough? Maybe its good because this way I can fill my glass with anything or till any level.Maybe I would not like to fill it completely because it might overflow. Maybe I would fill it just as much I need to drink from it.I am glad at least there is a glass.