Never Eat Alone

This is a very special picture for the fact that people in it are very beautiful and extraordinary. I met them at Pizza joint , where I was having supper with my sister.I could see this group from where I was seated.They were all wearing lovely smiles and were clicking selfies.Sweet, I thought.After few minutes my eyes met with one of the group members and he indicated towards the waiter who was little far away from their table.The waiter was closer to me, hence I asked him to go to their table.I got engrossed in eating again (I totally love Italian).A guy from that table walked up to me, he had a cell phone in his hand which he forwarded towards me, in the message compose section it was typed”Thank you for your help”.I smiled.They asked me to join their table.I greeted all of them with sign language, they all typed their name on their cell phone’s typing pad.I got to know they are bunch of super talented people learning in a centre for special needs.There was never a dull moment, I think I never had any better conversation than this.They taught me so many things in short time we interacted.I realised there were many people in that pizza place, very few were actually conversing.Most were on cell phones.And these bunch of folks were the only one who were actually talking to each other.They are my heroes.