Launches business social media platform.

London UK — Today sees the launch of the eagerly anticipated business social media platform. A new platform for both B2B and B2C businesses to promote their brand, products and services. With a host of features on the platform to help businesses of all sizes and particularly those that sit within the SME and Micro categories.

The creators of say “Small, medium and micro (freelance) businesses have been left to fight for virtual space amongst corporates for too long. We built this platform for them and for their customers.” …

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So what’s it all about you ask…. Well we wanted to create a dedicated B2B B2C Social Media site as using the current market leaders are just so… painful !

Let me explain, the existing sites have some great features and are very established but using them for business was driving us crazy! …

So you’ve just had your “ding” moment and you want to build the next big app or website and follow in the footsteps of some of the internets big boys like Zuckerburg, Musk, Spiegel or Thiel, or you just want to create something cool and see where it takes you….
Well there’s many question you’ll need to answer before you start. So here is some free advise to maybe help you along the way…

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Already the same idea online or in the app store?
Before you spend many hours and lots of money creating your masterpiece you need to check that the same idea hasn’t already been done, now I’m not saying you can’t make the same and do it better but just look at any competition and see how your idea could beat it or be more useful. Do a lot of research by searching online and in the app stores, look at you own phone as they now come with many apps already installed ! …

I started my working life as an apprentice mechanic toiling away in a grubby workshop for hours to earn a pittance, I knew there was more for me out there but didn’t know what. One day I handed in my notice and declared to my boss “I‘m going to work with computers!” I was 19, this was in 1994 and we didn’t even own a computer!

Today I’m the founder of Autocroc a free online marketplace for buying and selling everything auto, so how did that happen?

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When I left the garage I knew nothing, I thought I knew it all but I knew jack sh+t, so for several years I fumbled between jobs driving delivery trucks and working at the airport doing all dead end jobs. The thing was I still had a passion for all things automotive and continued to fix cars on the side for friends and family on my parents driveway, sometimes i’d get a beat up old car fix it up and sell it on for a nice little profit only to blow it down the pub that weekend! …


Adrian Wheeler

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