Business Social Media

So what’s it all about you ask…. Well we wanted to create a dedicated B2B B2C Social Media site as using the current market leaders are just so… painful !

Let me explain, the existing sites have some great features and are very established but using them for business was driving us crazy! We were fed up with collecting ‘connections’ and the constant connection requests, fed up with the price, fed up with all complicated options and fields that didn’t really fit our business, annoyed that you have to create a personal profile then a business profile off the side, fed up with me, me, me, look at me i’m just the best and most of all fed up with the spam, trolls and fake news…..

We wanted something new, something that businesses could use to create a clear, simple & flexible profile directly for their brand, business or profession. A profile with a unique feature that would allow simple profile sharing at the click of button. We also wanted businesses and professionals to post exciting updates to the News Stream to engage their followers while feeling safe knowing that any trolls would just be down voted, to do this we introduced the up/down vote system, any trolls or keyboard warriors would have their feeble input down voted into oblivion keeping the News Stream a safe place to post awesome business news to business followers.

But is not just for brands and businesses it‘s also for professional resumes and job seeking, users create personal profiles to showcase their skills and experience and by using the share feature can send their profile link to potential employers with their unique url username or unique QR Code.

After many hours discussing and designing what we actually wanted in a B2B Social Media site we created, a beautifully customisable business profile page with a simple and safe News Stream to post exciting news to business followers.

We decided early on that fake news, spam & trolls needed to be limited even eliminated from the News Stream so a voting system came into place, users can up-vote or down-vote posts or comments so only good and interesting stories and updates will be seen on the News Stream.

We are working on a host of new features for the user profile page that will give more flexibility and allow a wider range of users to customise their profile with exactly what they need to promote or sell their business.

The beta version is live as of Decemeber 2019 and we are accepting a limited amount of new users whilst testing and scaling up. We are actively looking for business partners and investors to take to the next level. A Crowdfunding page will be live in the coming weeks and we will update this story with the link once it is up or you can check the profile page to view all of our other links and promo sites. News Stream

Some features of

We have tried to incorporate many useful features into, we allow the user to customise their profile page by sliding up or down each of the info fields so they can choose whether they want at the top their online profile or contact details or promo video or anything field they wish.

We also have added over 160 icons for external websites so the user can add the URL and have a direct link from those icons on their page, this is unique to as no other site has this many listed link icons.

Any user can simply share any profiles details in just a few clicks, the share includes all the entered external links, contact, hashtags & other information this is extremely useful as it pastes all the URL’s directly into the message using the Ograph data to populate images and content.

In the Project and Resume field can be used as a professional resume or a company portfolio of past projects, the user can include images, text or video links.

Promo video field is a great place to post your latest video to showcase your business, add links from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion.

Brand Hashtags and Usernames field allows users to enter any they use for social media, when the share function is used will add these with the other data, it’s all about brand promotion so very useful to share these.

Reviews can be send and received by users to give positive feedback for work done, a star rating and comment is sent and can be published to the profile.

A QR code another unique feature is created for each user based on their username. any device camera will open the browser (or app once live) on that user profile page, again its all about brand promotion and is a very quick way to share profile details from a flyer, banner or on social media.

We are currently working on the iOS and Android mobile apps to be launch early 2020.

Why not give a go? Create your professional profile, secure your username and be an early adopter of what could be the next big thing…..