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Trump is a whining, shallow, self-absorbed, attention-starved bozo. While it would take a magician to conjure up a bright side to Trump’s drunken-uncle-at-a-family-party performance, I suppose there is this:

Trump refrained from remarking after looking at all of those Boy Scout’s many merit badges, all of the Eagle Scouts with Eagle Scout badges:

“I always wanted one of those — or all of those!!”

Sparing all of us the spectacle of some well-meaning and totally misguided Scout dashing up to the podium to offer Trump his Eagle Scout and his over-flowing Merit Badge sash, while Trump beams and says:

“Isn’t that nice, folks? Isn’t that nice? I always wanted an Eagle Scout Badge, and a sash full of merit badges and now I have all of them — the easy way! Let’s give our tremendous Scout here a big hand! Isn’t that nice?”