Investing in people at Piva has been a primary focus as we continue to grow and expand as a firm. Following a momentous year, beginning with the announcement of our first fund back in December 2019, we set out to hire superstar talent that aren’t only passionate and big thinkers, but are engaged, decisive, and connected — and bring immense value to Piva and our portfolio companies. …

Today, we’re seeing incredible innovations driving the great industrial and energy transition forward — but perhaps one of the most impressive areas is in material innovation. This includes breakthrough chemistry and novel materials that have enormous potential to transform and drive sustainable consumer behaviors. Consider the impact of having alternatives to key materials our society has come to rely on that has proved detrimental — think fuel, coal, plastics, the production of meat and so on.

While plant-based meat and dairy has gained mass-popularity with companies such as Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat or Ripple — a lesser-known area that stands to make a big impact on health, the environment and the broader industrial production of materials — is the efficacy of alternative proteins to replace sugar and artificial sweeteners. …

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Meet Meng, Jonathan & Roxanne

When we launched our first fund back in December 2019, Managing Partner and CEO Ricardo Angel and I were very intentional about building a strong, diverse team to help us carry out our mission to invest in the new era of industry and energy. People, after all, are the greatest assets of any organization in any industry — venture capital is no exception.

What’s equally important, however, is to create opportunities for the younger generations to learn and develop skills. We should always be thinking about how best to prime the next generation of investors and not only arm them with a core understanding of the current landscape, but nurture the new ideas, strategies, and values that will shape the future. …

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Digital Manufacturing Solution by VELO³ᴰ

As economies around the world start to re-open from the coronavirus lockdowns, there’s still quite a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds. At Piva, we believe the world that emerges from this crisis will be even more focused on solutions that increase our resilience to shocks of all kinds and we remain committed to innovators who are making this our new reality.

As such — we recently invested in digital manufacturing innovator VELO³ᴰ, joining their $28M Series D funding round. Together with top-notch investors such as Bessemer Venture Partners, Playground, Khosla Ventures and TNSC, we’re very much looking forward to joining the VELO³ᴰ mission to revolutionize advanced manufacturing — bringing higher levels of efficiency, quality and resiliency to 3D metal printing previously unattainable. …


Adzmel Adznan

Partner & Operating Manager @PivaVC

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