h and did you know you’re actually pregnant 10 months? Yeah, we’ve all been lied to. I mean I always remember hearing 40 weeks but just assumed it meant 9 months but noooooo. It’s the full 9th month so you hit 9 months and you still have 4 more fucking weeks to go! Those dirty little liars.
Oh Shit Cool, I’m Pregnant.
Lauryn Kahn

What?! Ok. I’m not sure if I am excited about that or not, guess it’s a combination of both. 1 more month of eating anything I want with the excuse of “the baby wants it!” But still not being able to see ‘em toes while standing… by the way, is that true? The toes thing? Not that I mind either because I am looking forward to walking around eating cereal from the bowl that sits on the to of my belly, muahaha!