Book Review: The Immigrant by Alfred Wollacott by A.E. Albert

Author: Alfred Woolacott III Genre: Historical Fiction

Many who ventured into the new world didn’t begin their journey of their own free will. The Immigrant tells the story of one such man. John Law was taken prisoner by the English when Scotland fell to England at the Battle of Doon Hill.

He arrived in the new world in chains, but as many have done and continue to do, he changed his start. I love the story all immigrants have to tell. They are stories of determination and hard work. And no matter how humble our beginnings are, anything is possible with a vision and the passion to see it through.

Throughout the book, historical facts and events were weaved into the story, creating a real and authentic world. The author did a superb job of shaping characters the reader can’t help but become emotionally connected to. I found myself hoping, celebrating and grieving right along with them.

The Immigrant is an extraordinarily well researched and well written novel. The author used his talent and evident passion for history to construct a vivid and engrossing saga. It is an epic tale akin to the stories of so many pioneers who are the foundation of our nation. If you love historical fiction, I absolutely recommend this book.

AlfredWoollacott III retired from KPMG after a career

spanning 34 years. In his retirement he began dabbling in genealogy. His dabbling has become an obsession as he has expanded his genealogy to family history and personal narratives of selected ancestors.

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Originally published at on June 8, 2015.

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