How to Write a book (Part 1): Getting Started

by A.E. Albert

Many say we all have a book inside us. Personally, I agree. The book may be fiction or nonfiction and on vast array of topics or genres.

In order to accomplish such a task; all you have to do is read up on the subject, plan and begin at the beginning.

Getting Started 1. Have an Idea

Creativity is the number one tool in any author’s arsenal. Choose to embrace that story lurking at the edges of your mind. You may not know who, what, when, where or why. But of course, that’s what an outline is for.

2. Choose your Genre. Know Your Audience

Yes, we all want to write an audience crossing sensation like Harry Potter. The truth is, I hope you do. However, in order to target your readership; first, you have to identify it first. This then leads to choosing your genre.

Identifying your audience and genre will also keep you focused on plot and character style. Readers like consistency. Just write a good story. If it’s good; your audience will naturally branch out.

3. Chooses a place to write Writing can be a long and arduous job. So choose a setting you feel comfortable in and is as quiet or as loud you need it to be.

Mind you, occasionally changing your environment may be just what you need to shake up your creative juices.

4. Make a word count goal

This is about keeping you accountable. No one makes you write, just you. This could be a daily or weekly goal. Dreaming only makes you start a book; it certainly doesn’t finish it.

Have goals. Stick to them.

5. Plan when you write

Again, it’s about accountability. Having a routine not only gets things done; but also makes your tasks become second nature.

6. Make bookmark folders

I personally do this. I make folders which hold blogs, email lists, social media, etc. This makes them easily accessible and quick to find.

7. Control Distractions

What are your distractions? Mine? Social media, of course. Figure out what makes you time suck and make a plan. I promote my book, read/answer emails, read blogs, first thing in the morning.

8. Write this all down

Whether it’s digitally or on hard copy; write it all down. Write down your goals. Write down your deadlines. Use calendars and notes. Check them off when you’re done and create new ones as you go. Put them in your laptop. Hang them on your fridge. Just ensure they are accessible and visible.

9. Build a Media Platform

Start promoting your author brand now. It doesn’t matter if you’ve begun writing or not. Start a blog and create social media accounts. Get your name out there.

10. Choose

Choose to be a writer. Choose to be one of the few who actually write a book. Some have to only choose once. Some have to make this choice every day. Some have to make this choice every 5 minutes (this was me).

Make this conscious decision whenever you need to. Don’t be embarrassed if this is you. No one can see into your mind but you. Will power is aptly named. This is because that’s what it takes. Power. And if it was easy; everyone would do it.

Start by just acknowledging who you are. You are a writer. Yes, say it out loud. You may not be a pro yet. You don’t have to be. Just start acting like one.

Originally published at on July 22, 2015.