Humanity 101

If you’re paying attention, riding between the boroughs is a humanizing experience. When I travel abroad I look forward to taking public transportation. When you do you’re treated with a cross-section of local flavor and other people moving from place to place.

No matter the language, you know that look of a watchful parent when they speak to their kids during mundane thing like going into a grocery store. It’s familiar because it’s universal. We’re all connected through the state of just having to be.

When you spend as much time on the road as I do you pick up on the small things about a traveler. Things like when a person elects to impose their will on the surroundings and how uncomfortable it makes people. Or how people open up if they’re willing to entertain a little wit and charm (if you have it, that is).

Get acquainted with an international view of the world, even if you never make it abroad. The things happening all over have an impact on your life, directly or indirectly, so it only makes you more informed. It’s a good look .If nothing else consider it a survivability tactic.

So how do you go about that in your limited daily time? Relying on major US media narrows your filter so I recommend a couple of tools to help you broaden your perspective. First, create a feedly account and curate your own news and second, grab a podcast for listening when on the road.


feedly is a new aggregator (think RSS, but way prettier) and has an app for pretty much any platform you’re on. All you really do is set up your feeds into a list and it returns a newspaper style list of articles. You can create more than one, so go crazy. I have several for different interest areas (see below).

Here’s some foreign new sites I use on my International feed.

International Feed Sources

· Africa News — latest Africa news headlines —

· Al Jazeera English

· BBC News — Home

· BBC News — Middle East

· BBC News — Science & Environment

· BBC News — World

· Brazil | The Guardian

· Caribbean News Now! Daily Headlines

· China Real Time Report

· — Top Stories — Public RSS

· Defense One — All Content


· Europe homepage

· Germany | The Guardian

· Latin America & Caribbean News — latest news from South America —

· Mexico News

· National Geographic News

· Native News Online

· NYT > Home Page

· Russia Beyond The Headlines

· South China Morning Post — Hong Kong feed

· The Australian | News

· The Economist: Middle East and Africa

· The Guardian

· The Japan Times: All Stories

· The Korea Times News

· The Times of India

· Top Stories — Google News

· UN News Centre — Human Rights

· UN News Centre — Top Stories


Global News Podcast

This is the day’s top stories from BBC News compiled twice daily in the week, once at weekends. Good for on the go.

Consider that your global citizen starter pack. Being well-rounded is always a good thing.