The Next Generation

A somewhat begging post to anyone reading this. Most of you might not know this but I’m the National Career Readiness Manager for the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE). My primary project for this year is to create a program that improves the positioning of college students looking to into the #tech field and help professionals establish ownership of their own professional development plans.

My ask is of anyone whowould like to help out our youth would be to let me know of anyone who might want to assist us as resume reviewers or mock interviewers. Feel free to hit me up here or shoot me a message if interested or you know of a connect. Program details are:

The NSBE Career Readiness Program is established to help Collegiate and Professional NSBE members make enhancing decisions and choices when planning their futures and building careers or in choosing, preparing for, and entering a field of occupation.

The areas of strategic career focus are:

1. Cultivating a sense of impression management

2. Gaining an understanding of networking and job seeking

3. Instructing members on resume and interview best practices

4. Orienting job-seeking and career progression around a personal professional development plan and setting realistic goals and objectives

In order to facilitate this, the Career Readiness program has created a multi-step process in order to achieve positive outcomes and seeks to establish a peer network to keep each participant motivated. Participants will be grouped by region/membership level and ideally paired with another participant in order to maintain accountability for progress.

Thanks and back to your #cryptohustle dreams, already and always in progress.