What is true knowledge?

Preschool, Elementary, High school, and College; in today’s society these are the major educational checkpoint a learner must reach, but it is also expensive. One must pay to have a decent education. Some of the schools today even made education as a money making machine, why is that? Why is that the very system we depend to make us successful is also the one draining our pockets? I don’t really know, but what I do know is that true knowledge is priceless. True knowledge is the one you will use in your daily lives, not the ones written on books but the ones you’ll learn as you live on. People tend to focus on advance educational questions that they tend to forget the answer to simpler ones such as “why we wear clothes?” “Why do we live our lives every single day?’’, the ones that truly matter in life. Knowledge is priceless, you will learn the more important things outside the educational system. I am not insisting that you drop out of school, I’m just saying that knowledge is all around you and doesn’t require a ton of money, all it requires are willingness to learn.

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