3 Essential Tips for PTE Takers.

Pearson Test of English or PTE Academic is the leading computer based test of English. Its popularity among international students and aspiring immigrants is fuelled by the benefits given to test takers. Flexible test dates, fast results and unbiased highly accurate computer marking are PTE Academic’s unbeatable advantages over to other language proficiency exams.

Although there are load of materials over the internet, it can easily overwhelm anyone. Here are 3 essential tips for first timers, retakers or those who wish to achieve high marks in the PTE Exam.

Make good use of Pearson official website.

Where else can you get the best advice other than the makers of the test itself. From digital and print test materials, Pearson has a huge collection in their website that will definitely help you improve your level. Go through the array of test tutorials, tips and skills videos to deepen your understanding on how to go about the tests and sharpen your skills for PTE Academic.

Simulate the actual exam.

To optimise your PTE Academic preparation, it is highly recommended to take one of the scored practice tests from the Pearson website. Sitting in the practice test allows you to be familiar with the test format and pace. Your performance as reflected in your score will provide insights on which areas you need to focus most. You are required to sit for a full three-hour computer-based mock test.

Guided Training with PTE Coaching

If you are a first timer, a retaker or someone aiming to get high score, you have to take advantage of PTE Coaching. Preparing for the exam can be overwhelming especially without proper guidance. The best way to efficiently prepare for a test is through professional coaching. AECC Global offers customized packages are available to suit the training and guidance you need. It is the affordable, flexible and suitable for all proficiency levels.

But wait there is more! AECC Global is a PTE voucher reseller in Australia through whom you can purchase PTE Academic test voucher code for only $297.

Also, AECC Global offers education and migration services. One of the most popular services is Professional Year in Australia, a programme developed to address Australia’s skill shortage in the specific field. The program increases the employability of graduate international students by enhancing skills and knowledge including providing industry experience. Successful completion earns 5 points towards Permanent Residency in Australia.

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