7 Must Know Facts About PTE

Do you want to take in English proficiency test? Several agencies are conducting English tests and certifying proficiency of non-speakers globally. This “numerous options” often takes aspirants at the crossroad and creates difficulties in taking a decision. Pearson test of English is becoming an ideal choice for takers looking to increase test scores. Most of the takers find PTE as a reliable, fast, and secure way of assessing the English language.

Reasonably, PTE is a new entrant in English testing field but gained huge popularity among non-speakers globally. Here are the facts that you should know about PTE:

1. Fully computerized test- PTE is the only agency conducting a fully computerized test for takers. In the exam, answers to all sections of the test are given with computer limiting the use of paper.

2. Fast exam result: Takers get exam result within 5 business days or earlier compared to IELTS which takes 13 days to deliver the result.

3. Impartial marking system: Automatic intelligent machines are used for marking in the exam. This is why takers receive a reliable score based on performances in the exam and use of machines limit partiality as often seen with human checkers.

4. Complete English assessment test: In the test, takers get questions from spoken English and academic contents instead of local dialects. The exam checks writing and speaking, reading, and listening skills of takers in an innovative manner helping to assess complete command over the language.

5. Test score acceptance: The scores of PTE academic test are accepted in over 6000 organizations globally and this number is steadily increasing.

6. No ambiguous questions: PTE test contains no ambiguous questions that cause hindrance getting a good score. There are 20 different question formats and based on the syllabus given on official website.

7. Cheap: The original fee of PTE-A test is $330 but you can get a $30 discount on booking this exam buying a PTE voucher online from AECC Global, an authorized reseller.

The best thing is you can appear for PTE exam any number of times to improve overall test score. But, it creates financial constraints for takers taking this exam repeatedly. Contact us to buy voucher or get more assistance in PTE test from education experts.