A Basic Guide for ICT Graduates’ Skilled Migration in Australia

Technicians and skilled workers are always at an advantage when it comes to Australian immigration. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professions have been a major group of the Skilled Visa applicants of the Australian Migration Programme for a long time. There are 6 ICT related occupations listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) which can be a great example of this. Here are some of the little known facts benefitting ICT graduates who wish to apply permanent residency after completing study in Australia.

- Get Your Skills Assessment Ready

Skilled visa applications for ICT graduates will need a positive skills assessment from the Australian Computer Society (ACS). Completing a Bachelor/Master degree in ICT will not be enough to meet the requirement for ACS skills assessment. Besides the study requirements, candidates will need to either show at least one year Australian/three years overseas work experience closely related to ICT occupation or through a Professional Year in IT to be eligible for a positive skills assessment. Moreover, this program provides an additional pathway from university to employment for former international students. Upon successfully completion of a Professional Year in IT, participant will be awarded 5 migration points under the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

- Apply for a State/Territory Sponsorship

ICT occupations have been recognised as one of the most demanding professions in most of the states of Australia including NSW and Victoria. Each state has its own list of ICT occupations available for candidates to apply for sponsorship visa. Getting nominated as an ICT profession by any of the state/territory government, up to 10 points would be awarded to the candidate.

To Summarise

Considering the high competition in the Australia visa application pool, trying to achieve a higher level of English can still be a good way to improve your change of qualifying for skill migration. With PTE Academic score 65+ /79+ or equivalent, it will contribute 10 and 20 migration points respectively. We hope this blog can bring you some ideas and please remember to purchase PTE voucher from AECC Global — a PTE academic voucher reseller in Australia.

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