Benefits of Professional Year for Graduates

Do you want to work in Australia after your graduation? Join Professional Year program to get industry relevant skills and knowledge needed to get jobs. Currently, the program offers training in accounting, engineering, and IT field to overseas graduates. It is a special program designed by professional bodies of respective universities to create market-ready professionals. Professional bodies run this program in approved institutes with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to resolve skill shortages of Australia.

Launch your engineering career in Australia

International students pursuing engineering degree receive high-end education and knowledge. But, recruiters look for work experience, skills, and knowledge in hiring new candidates. To be eligible for an Australian workplace, fresh graduates need to join in Professional Year in Engineering. It is a 44-week training program created to impart industry-relevant skills to graduates. The course is developed by Engineering Education Australia (EEA) keeping applicants in mind. It includes training in coursework and live projects with a hosting company for real life experiences. Post completion, graduates enjoy more employment opportunities in the market and earn 5 migration points for permanent residency.

Start IT Career with Internship Training

Computers have changed the way of working and used extensively in everyday life. It requires skilled IT professionals to perform works effectively in businesses. To supply professionals continuously to the Australian workforce, the Professional Year in IT has been created. Applicants need a two-year Australia degree to be eligible for this program. The course is developed by Australian Computer Society (ACS) with a practical training program on local projects during the internal placement.


Graduates learn work ethics, official communication, and teamwork

Develop personality, self-presentation, and handling customers

Improve interview facing skills

Networking with professionals to get jobs easily

Earn 5 migration supporting PR

Insights about the employment market and industry

Why You Need Education Agents?

The employment market is growing incessantly due to the economic boom of Australia. To start a good career, it is essential to choose courses based on demands of the market. To know courses that hasten the process of finding jobs, hire the best education agent in Brisbane for help. The education agents possess knowledge about universities, the employment market, and courses that come under SOL and CSOL of Australia. Contact our AECC Global experts for guidance to start a bright career in Australia.