Engineering in Australia: Top Institutions, Courses and Career Options

Australia is not only a tourists’ paradise but also an education destination popular among international students. In fact, the country has become one of the top three student destinations around the globe. In the last one decade, Australia has seen a significant rise in the number of overseas students enrolling in different universities and courses, especially in engineering courses in Sydney.

With a strong focus on technology, research and job-orientation, engineering courses are comparatively less expensive in Australia than in other countries like the US or the UK.

According to the latest QS World University Rankings, the top three universities to study engineering in Australia are:

  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of New South Wales
  • The University of Queensland

The University of Melbourne

It was in 1861 when the university began offering a three-year engineering course. In 2011, the institution completed 150 glorious years of academic excellence and continued to be one of the most popular schools to study engineering in Australia.

The Melbourne School of Engineering offers engineering courses across disciplines ranging from computer engineering and automotive engineering courses to biomedical, mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering.

The University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales’ Engineering Faculty is one of the most popular faculties in the country offering various innovative engineering programs. The faculty is the only place to offer an engineering course in Nuclear Engineering in Australia.

The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland ‘s Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information technology came in to being on January 1, 2009. The faculty has five constituent schools and a research centre. The BE (Bachelor of Engineering) and the ME (Master of Engineering) is the first 5-year engineering degree in the country to integrate a semester industry or research placement in a degree with Master’s level coursework.

Career Options

Studying engineering in Australia becomes more effective and special with the Professional Year in Engineering. It’s a unique 44-week program designed specifically for international students with an engineering degree from an Australian university/institution. The program enables overseas engineering graduates to polish their skills through working with experienced professionals in the Australian workplace.

The successful completion of the program also fetches five migration points. Once you have completed the Professional Year, there are high chances of finding a great job in Australia and securing permanent residency.


After earning a degree in engineering, students can proceed to teach, research or find jobs in different fields, such as telecommunications, petroleum, shipping, construction etc. There is a huge shortage of qualified engineers in other vocations like automobile, mechanical, and civil engineering.

If you encounter any query related to selecting a course or college to pursue engineering in Australia, you can have a valuable discussion with one of our expert education consultants at AECC Global.