Expert Tips to Start an Accounting Career in Australia

Australia’s Job Outlook has revealed that the accounting industry will have a huge 40,000 job openings in the country by 2020. It is an impressive figure, and it reflects the chronic shortage of qualified accounting professionals in the industry. Considering the scarcity of professionals, it is an excellent opportunity for aspiring candidates carve out their career studying accounting courses in Sydney. During the study, the students will get theoretical and practical skills working on the actual accounting projects. You will gain knowledge on latest accounting practices during the training in the reputable institution. Hence, experts always advise aspirants to get enrolled in the top university in Australia to get a quality education and hone their skills, to be ready for the domestic market.

Top Way of Launching Your Career after Graduation

To resolve the chronic shortage of skilled professionals, Australia has initiated Professional Year Program to impart industry-relevant training to international graduates to be eligible for the domestic market. But, the training is limited to accounting, IT, and engineering graduates who studied at an Australian university for not less than two years. This 44-week program has been designed by respective universities with the approval of Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for graduates. It means it is a legislated way of kickstarting your career in the chosen field.

Benefits of Joining PY Program for Graduates

The PY is a market-readiness program for graduates providing a smooth transition from the university to workplaces. For instance, accounting graduates will get a 32-week formal learning and a 12-week internal placement to gain real work experience. Further, institutions organise workshops and seminars to enable interaction with industry leaders to boost their confidence. In a nutshell, this is a complete professional development program for graduates as demand by recruiters in Australia’s accounting industry. Significantly, this program also helps graduates to earn five migration points needed in applying for a permanent residency in the country.

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