Tips to Score Higher in Speaking Section of PTE Exam

Most of the international students are taking Pearson Test of English in assessing and certifying their proficiency in the English language. The apparent reason is its reliability, security, and fast ways of checking proficiency of takers. It is a fully computerized test that checks language ability of takers using real-life questions. The score of PTE is accepted in over 6000 organizations globally and this number is steadily increasing.

Tips to Prepare for PTE Exam

Preparing for PTE Academic test isn’t easy. You need to know the complete syllabus and guidelines to answer questions. The test consists of four sections: Speaking and Writing, Reading, and Listening. You need to prepare according to sections and practice rigorously to get a desired overall score.

To score higher in speaking section of PTE, you need to practice in accordance to questions. Here are the tips useful to score higher in speaking section:

1. Read Aloud: This is the first item in the speaking section.


  • Practice for fluency
  • Emphasize on the important words but in appropriate places
  • Don’t pronounce words in a wrong way
  • Avoid uneven words and irregular phrasing
  • Read the sentence once before starting to record
  • Speak clearly, not too fast or slow in recording
  • Speaking continuously as microphone stops after 3 seconds of silence

2. Repeat Sentence: In this item, you need to concentrate on intonation, fluency, and keywords in repeating the sentence.


  • Focus on achieving fluency
  • Listen carefully to remember key points to mention in repeating
  • Avoid long pauses and speaking with a clear voice
  • Adding or omitting texts need to be done carefully
  • If you can’t repeat the sentences, mention keywords in your answer

3. Describe Image: In this item, you may get image, chart, and so on to observe and speak about it.


  • Mention the most and least important points in your answer
  • Maintain your fluency and speak in a clear and calm voice
  • Use words like ‘To illustrate……….it depicts’ and so on
  • In describing images mention words like left, right, center, next, above, etc.
  • In describing chart, use X-axis and Y-axis

4. Re-tell Lecture: In this item, you need to note down key points and focus on intonation to repeat in the same way.


  • Try to understand the lecture and write keywords
  • Try to remember 3–5 sentences which will help in re-telling lecture
  • Use phrases like according to speaker……. the lecture brief about… and so on in elaborating lectures.
  • Don’t keep silent and maintain your fluency

5. Answer Short Question: This is the last item in the speaking section.


  • Repeat the words in questions if you don’t answer
  • Don’t forget to add ‘a, an and the’ articles in your answer

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