Top Rated Professional Year Provider in Australia

Most of the overseas students prefer to stay back in Australia after completion of higher studies. The temporary graduate visa provided to an international student who studied at a regional university is a chance to seek employment in the niche industry. But finding a job after impressing the recruiters isn’t easy in the competitive market of Australia. To gain a competitive edge over competitors, possessing practical skills and real work experience are utmost importance for aspirants. So, how do fresh graduate can achieve in-demand skill sets?

Faced with chronic shortages of skilled professionals in many sectors, Australia has initiated a unique program to enhance employment of overseas graduates. The Professional Year is a structural professional development program for international graduates of accounting, engineering, and IT graduates who studied at an Australian university.

To get top quality training and education, it is necessary to get this training from an approved institution. If you’re an IT or accounting graduate, join in the ECA Professional Year to get highest quality training in the course. The top-rated provider will help you to be ready for the job market with formal learning and internship training with a successful company. It is a vital way of getting a smooth transition from the university to the office.

If didn’t like ECA and looking for a reliable provider of Professional Year in Accounting, Accountant Resource Centre may be an ideal option. The ARC Professional Year is designed to the international standard to deliver expertise on current accounting practices working on real projects in the local settings. Focused on the enhancement of career prospects of fresh accounting graduates, the program is an important pathway to get a job in the niche industry. After completion of Professional Year, graduates enjoy higher employability and five migration points supporting permanent residency in Australia.

The role of an education consultant is huge helping in realising the dream of overseas students. Right from the starting, experts offer advice and aid in making an important career decision based on the fact to be successful. Education consultancies are important in carving out a successful career while studying abroad. But, it is necessary to choose a reliable one to avoid being misguided and problems in the educational journey.

Are you looking for a reliable consultant with experience for overseas students? Contact our AECC Global education experts for counselling and guidance today.