How is Spelling scored in the ‘Write Essay’ subsection of the PTE

Spelling constitutes the most straight forward scoring pattern for this PTE task. It is advisable to use words of whose spellings you are certain. Do not use complicated words in an attempt to exude competency. However, it is essential to use few complex words to garner a thorough score for your vocabulary. In order to meet this requirement, prudent students will familiarize themselves with 10–15 words, along with their meanings, spellings and usage. Incorporating these words into the PTE Academic essay will give them a good score for vocabulary, as well as spelling. The breakdown of scores is as follows:

2 — the highest score is reserved for students who do not commit spelling mistakes. However, the PTE Academic exam allows for one typing error.

1 — the presence of one spelling error will take you down by a point. You can have as many typos without further reduction of your score.

0 — the presence of more than one spelling error will leave you with no points.

To obtain the highest possible score, it is recommended that you read through your PTE Test essay on completion, not as one who reads what he believes should be present, but as one who reads what is actually present and edits the essay for grammatical and spelling errors. With such precise information about the scoring of your exam it should not be hard to prepare for it. The PTE encourages mastery over the language, while keeping in mind the need for leniency. Students have found this PTE test of English to be the best in its department. The PTE Academic exam is also the cheapest test of English in the market. You can receive an additional discount through the PTE voucher that can be bought at any AECC Global office.

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