Important Tips to Increase Score in PTE Exam

Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a new entrant for conducting English language tests and certifying proficiency of non-native speakers. But, takers love PTE due to its fast, simple and reliable way of assessing proficiency of English language. It is a fully computerized system and offers exam results within 5 business days, helping students who are in a bit of rush. Taking the PTE test is a better way of assessing proficiency in the English language with multi-level grading systems. The PTE scores are accepted for immigration and study abroad purposes in over 6000 organizations globally.

PTE exam India consists of three sections: speaking and writing, reading and listening. Here are some of the tips on how to answer questions and improve test scores.

Speaking and Writing

This section is designed to test the speaking and writing abilities of takers in the language. It is divided into 6 more subsections making it altogether a 90 minutes long session. The question patterns in this section are multiple choice question, reading, describing images, summarizing passages, and essay writing.

Tips: In writing section, use punctuations correctly and keep 200–300 words limit in essay writing. Keep summarizing text responses in between 5 to 75 words as responses below 5 words and exceeding 75 words aren’t given a score.

In speaking section, respond quickly and keep on talking to the microphone as recording stops within 3 seconds of silence. Include all the important points and use complex and compound sentences stressing on the important words to emphasize.


The second part is reading, designed to check the ability of takers to understand the written instruction of the language. This section is further divided into 5 sub-categories making a 32 to 41 minutes long session.

Tips: In reading section, use text boxes to get an idea of the main text. Improve your vocabulary and grammar skills which help to glide over the reading section easily.


Listening is the final section of the test. The section is designed to ascertain the ability of takers to understand instruction in the English language. Emphasis is given on the takers’ abilities to retain what they heard. This section is divided into 8 sub-categories and it is 55 minutes stretched session.

Tips: In listening section, write down the important points and supporting arguments. It will help you frame responses in a better way while answering.

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