Listening Section of the PTE: Fill in the Blanks

According to surveys conducted by reputed organizations, students of Indian nationality find this subsection of the PTE Academic to be the easiest. If you pay full attention for the span of 5–10 minutes, you will definitely obtain a maximum score. If you have a short attention span, please don’t ignore the following tips:

Scan the text:

You will have a gap of 7 seconds after the text is visible and before the recording begins. Use this time to glance through the text and get a general idea of what the recording may contain. Recognize the proper nouns in particular, as these will give you a good idea of the PTE topic. Names of places, people, organizations and so on are your cues to pay attention while listening to the recording.

Use the notepad to jot down PTE answers:

To the more accomplished speaker of English, this may seem quite unnecessary. However, for the others it is more than essential. Jot down the words, which you think are appropriate to fill in the blanks. While listening to the PTE Academic recording, it is hard to pay attention to spellings. So don’t worry about the spelling. Just make sure to get the word. After the completion of the recording, you can go back to your notepad, alter the spelling and fill in the blanks.

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