Listening Section of the PTE: Write from Dictation

The final task of your PTE Academic exam will have you imitate the role of a job typist. Begin typing as you hear the recording. If your typing speed is slow, use the erasable notepad provided by the PTE invigilator to record the content of the speech. After listening to the entire recording and checking for spelling errors, you can transfer the content onto the response box at the bottom of the screen. You will be scored for every correct word that you put on the screen.

If you are unable to get the entire sentence, use the rules of English to place the words that you remember hearing, during the listening of the PTE recording. Based on the word, find the right spot to place it in the sentence. Eg. A verb goes after the subject in a sentence.

While attempting this PTE Academic India task please remember that the recording will be played just once. Pay full attention during this period. If you miss a word in between, do not stop to think about the word. Keep jotting down words as you hear them, and think about the rest when you are revising your answer.

This type of testing is definitely more competent than IELTS. It will prepare you for your classroom lectures, wherein, you will have to pen down or type out notes, as your professor expounds on a topic. PTE Academic is probably the most well-rounded test in the market. What’s more? The grading is relatively lenient, with a high success rate for meeting the required score! To receive a discount on your PTE Test, visit your nearest AECC Global office to buy a PTE Voucher. The discounted price will empty your wallet of Rs.9810, which is around Rs.1500 lesser than the cost of IELTS.