Things You Didn’t Know About PTE English Proficiency Test

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is one of the most sought after tests for people who want to study or migrate abroad. The Pearson PLC group conducts PTE test of English, and it is accepted in universities and immigration boards worldwide. The format of PTE is like IELTS and TOEFL, but there are many factors in which PTE is a better option than other English proficiency tests worldwide like:

1. Taking PTE is much easier than other tests as you can give the test in 200 different locations around the world.

2. You can choose date and time as per your convenience because PTE runs the tests sessions for 363 days in a year.

3. The timings of PTE are much flexible than other English proficiency tests.

4. PTE is a computer based test. There is no possibility of human errors and bias towards any exam taker.

5. The test results are offered in next five business days. Much faster than any other English proficiency tests.

6. The cost of giving PTE is lower than any other English proficiency tests, and you can also get discounted PTE voucher via a reseller or buy directly from PTE.

PTE is faster and reliable English proficiency test. There is a bunch of study material for PTE which is available online. The study material helps on preparing students for the exam and real-life scenarios.

Students preparing for PTE focus more on real world scenario of English speaking countries. They prepare themselves in such a way so that they don’t have any problem in communication with someone on campus or at social gatherings. PTE organises their exams worldwide in the authorised centres. So, let’s say if you are from India then just go through PTE exam India. It is necessary to look at the rules and guidelines to avoid problems while taking the exam. Contact our AECC Global office to purchase a voucher and book the test immediately.