Tips to Get a Higher Score in PTE Academic Test

A good proficiency test score is needed for visas, study abroad, and immigrate to native speaking countries. The dream of pursuing higher studies, work, and live in foreign countries depend a lot on the proficiency test score.

Several agencies are conducting English tests and certifying non-speakers globally. Takers often get confused seeing the numerous options available in the market. To find a suitable test score, it is essential to take the test recommended by maximum takers. PTE test is a fast, reliable, and a simple way of assessing the English proficiency of non-speakers. The best thing is that exam results are offered within 5 working days helping takers to send scores to universities for evaluations. It increases chances for a student of getting admission in a reputed institute to start a bright career abroad.

Preparing for the PTE exam isn’t easy. You need to be aware of the whole syllabus, question patterns, and key guidelines needed to take the test. Taking a definite approach in preparation helps to succeed in the test with a good score. PTE Academic India is divided into four sections as speaking and writing, reading, and listening. This test assesses takers abilities over the English language completely.

Here are the important tips that will be useful to improve your score in the test:

Know the complete syllabus to prepare accordingly

Register in a mock test to practice with sample questions online

Work on the weaker sections to improve the overall score

Focus on the vocabulary, spelling, and grammar

Respond quickly and speak continuously on the microphone as it stops after 3 seconds of silence

Stress on important words reading slightly louder to convey the message clearly

Practice to answer questions within the set words limit

Remember the main points of describing images to add in the answer

Listen to intonation of sentences carefully to answer similarly in listening sections

Take coaching from Language experts to get a personal guidance and helps in preparation

Many takers need retaking the test to improve the overall score to be eligible for a particular application. Taking the exam repeatedly creates financial constraints for takers. Buy PTE vouchers from AECC Global agency to avail a 10% discount on the original fee. Contact us to buy a voucher and book the PTE test quickly.