Bullying Survival Guide

We have all been there; that uncomfortable situation that makes you want to be invisible. For some, this becomes a feeling on a daily basis due to people who may be jealous, insecure about themselves, or just flat out mean. This makes the person who is on the receiving end of this treatment feel unwanted and not worthy. The term bullying is now, more recently, being thrown context to any and every rude gesture or action. Bullying is the repetition of cruel treatment and I have experienced it first hand.

What makes being bullied the hardest is when it is done by people you considered at one time your best friend. This is exactly what happened to me in sixth and seventh grade. It started with little rude comments that escalated to my belongings at school being stolen, being ignored and laughed at, and being told that I was full of lies.

Kind of ironic that this is a rat…..

At a very young and vulnerable age, I was faced with two decisions: to let these girls affect me or to move on. I surrounded myself with family and close friends, ones I knew without a doubt that I could trust, and began to pick up the pieces.

The hardest thing that I had to really work on was how to trust people again. You can’t just bounce back after your best friend for four years suddenly doesn’t like you, but hates you, and wants you to suffer for no reason. For a full year, I had to have a lock on my locker (which was very uncommon in this school) because I didn’t want my binder or homework “disappearing” out of the blue.

With time, I began to feel comfortable in my own skin and made new friends. The deep wound never fully healed because in a small town, you see the same people every day. These girls could never look me in the eye without turning away.

When my parents told me that my family was moving to Florida, I was extremely excited. Due to all that had happened to me in the past, I didn’t have any ties to close friends. Yes I would miss a few people but for the most part, I was ready for a new adventure that didn’t involve anyone who knew me. This was my fresh start where I could forgive and forget my painful past.

“Someday I’ll be living in a big ole city, and all you’re ever gonna be is mean”

Once I settled in at my new school, I met wonderful new people who I am still friends with today. I love them to death and I know that they have my back no matter what may happen. Even though I had to move almost 2,000 miles to meet them, I would do it all over again without changing a thing.

So yes, there is life after being bullied. just because one or two people don’t like you, does not mean that the rest of the world feel the same way. Know that right now is just temporary and you have a future ahead of you.

I truly believe that God gives his greatest battles to his strongest warriors and trusting in God will make the big things seem so little.

The End

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