Offering #2: Don’s Spawn

We all know Don, the republican presidential nominee jockeying to fill the coming vacancy in the White House. It’s safe to say that he’s left an indelible impression on American politics, already, regardless of the outcome of the election. The tone and posture with which he speaks is incredibly egotistical, the diction he finds appropriate is abysmally low, and the lens through which he views the world is grossly obscured. Simply put, “Make America Great Again (MAGA)” is regressive and regrettably disrespectful.

Nonetheless, the most wonderful part of Don’s campaign is its production of new spawn in open daylight, not behind closed doors, not in the shadows — where they used to be. Every endorsement he attracts is a co-sign to his agenda, his mantra, his fate. For those working to solve matters of social and economic justice, the opponent has never before been in such plain sight. And by opponent I don’t mean enemy, but rather, target. Don’t assume that people supporting Don are unwilling to be educated. The younger generation of folks in support of Don, herein referenced as Don’s spawn, are misguided, not yet fully grown, and must be reached.

From personal observation and discussions with young voters, it seems as though there are two types of supporters: (1) the ardent, rally attending, “MAGA” hat wearing, “Trump!”, “Trump!” fist pumping type and (2) the casual, formerly/currently registered with the GOP, nonchalantly just sticking with what I know type. Forget Type 1 supporters, as they are blind and unwilling. They don’t deserve energy. They need not be illumined as they are already doomed. But for Type 2 supporters, the ones halfheartedly siding with Don since he is running as a republican, or since he is out-spoken, fresh, and forward-thinking, they must be schooled. Those fighting for economic and social justice must work to overturn their presumptions. If we let them side with bigotry in its plainest, undisguised, and naked form then we have failed at raising their moral conscience — something that is required in order for us to heal and improve as a country. And by “them,” don’t think distant, their proximity is much closer to home (for some of us) than we realize.

Thank you, Don, for reminding us that racism and bigotry are alive and well because there is still so much work to be done. I plead with Don’s spawn to reconsider their choice for the next president of the United States of America. One like me would hate to strain your mental faculties, but please, think twice. Study history. Learn how far we have come as a multiracial, multiethnic society, and you will understand how far we have left to go.

And if your mental faculties still lead you to believe that Don is the best choice for president, I pray that God somehow, someway, teaches you to discern good from not good. And if you navigate the world with a sense of superiority, as does Don, I pray that one day you are humbled.

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