Implement These Productivity Hacks Today

How to Be More Productive

Do you belong to the ranks of business owners that say “if only I had more time in the day?”

Productivity and efficiency are the popular buzzwords lately as more and more business owners try to make the most of their time during a busy day. There seems to be an endless supply of “hacks” offered on the internet, as they are referred to — tips or tricks to make you accomplish more in less time.

As an entrepreneur, you probably know the basic ones like waking up early, getting a workout in, or planning a to-do list for the next day. However, if you need to really improve your productivity, you need to uplevel your game a bit more than the average person.

I began searching for the answers when it became a repeating theme every Friday…I’m behind …AGAIN. In my quest to define the perfect day, I learned a few things. If you want to join the (almost) perfect ranks, try these little known tips:

Kick the Bad Habits

Are you stuck in the dark ages, doing things just because you’ve always done it that way? Analyze your business during the last year. Did you launch any programs? Were the results better or worse than you expected?

Are there any new software programs or apps that will make your work more efficient? Are you still keeping your books in a handwritten ledger or are you ready to convert to a computer software program? If that works for you, don’t feel obligated to upgrade right away. The key is to find the right system for you, and not to over complicate matters.

Delegate tasks; find a new software; plan out new programs or updates; these are all things you can start doing today, not to spend money unnecessarily but to breathe some excitement into your business.

Create an Actual Plan

Use a project management program or an old-fashioned paper planner but put your projects onto a calendar and work towards achieving those goals. Without a plan, your actions are meaningless.

You might decide to work on something unrelated to your goals or you might delay your own deadlines in order to put client business ahead of your own work. A business plan is your blueprint for reaching your goals, no matter how lofty they may seem.

Seeing this plan daily will give you something to focus on, therefore increasing your daily productivity.

I have gone back and forth between paper and app, and while the paper planner has its benefits, I’ve found that I plan a lot in my head, and writing down the to-do list is how I keep organized. I decided to try Asana’s free plan and so far, so good.

Parkinson’s Law

I read about Parkinson’s Law when searching for productivity tips and it seemed like the meaning of work itself all began to make sense. Parkinson’s Law states that “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion”.

Are you freaking kidding me? This statement sums up my 19 years in corporate America! What this is saying is that how long something takes is a matter of perception. How many of the thousand one-hour meetings I’ve attended in my corporate life could have been accomplished in 30 minutes? Or 5? Or in an email?! This law doesn’t go unnoticed by the super successful, either; the CEO of Asana, Dan Moskowicz, keeps one day a week free of meetings because of this very hot button issue. Start using his hack by choosing at least one day a week free of any appointments or meetings.

Little did I know at the time it is Parkinson’s Law that I used to argue my case to go part-time at my job when I had children. I knew I could accomplish my position’s tasks in half the time. This didn’t go over well with my colleagues because the very fact that I could do that highlighted how unproductive some members of our team truly were.

Outsource It

Rather than being saddled with monotonous tasks and expensive software they may have to learn, many smart business owners are accepting their limitations and finding expert service providers to take over these tasks.

What takes one expert an hour to do can easily take a non-savvy business owner 5 hours to complete. Is that really a good use of your time?

Start off by asking your business associates for referrals and conduct regular interviews, as though you were hiring an employee. Just because they are a virtual service provider doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the same high standards you would expect from an employee.

Experiment and Implement

If you’re one of the many that find yourself constantly overstressed and short on time then maybe one of these productivity hacks can help.

It may take a few tries, as well as a mix and match of strategies, but if you keep at it, you’ll find the perfect day for you.




Content Marketing, Social Media, Editor of Marketing & Growth Hacking ~~ Love God, Family, Friends and my Pups!!

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Anne DiVitto

Anne DiVitto

Content Marketing, Social Media, Editor of Marketing & Growth Hacking ~~ Love God, Family, Friends and my Pups!!

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