Tonight’s driving playlist

I was in the car for I dunno… 5–6ish hours tonight, trying to DJ for myself as I drove. After a while, I realized that I had stories going through my head as to why I picked a certain song, whether or not I’ve seen the band live, etc., so I thought it would be interesting to go back through what I played and try to recollect these thoughts.

Here it goes…at least from the point where I remembered thinking about what I was listening to…

Corrosion of Conformity (Various) — this came to mind because I was thinking of high school — specifically what I was listening to when most girls I knew were into radio pop.

Big Business (Various) — saw these guys a couple of times, most memorably at a very small club in San Francisco… way too small for all that sound!

Primus (Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver) — Holy Fuck! I forgot about this gem! I wish I could remember now what made me think of it! Saw these guys in Detroit — Filmore Theatre maybe?

Pixies (Various) — no comment on this one really. That’s pretty much how I feel about this band.

Dinosaur Jr. (Feel the Pain) — This is the only song of theirs that I can really enjoy. Loud. Jay’s voice generally grates on me. I saw them play maybe 3 years ago at some fest at Damen/Milw/North. Ran into a friend who somehow got us up to some stranger’s apartment overlooking the stage. Fun night!

Southern Culture on the Skids (Various partial songs) — This came up because I saw a poster for a show and wanted to refresh my memory as to whether or not I should go to said show. I’ll most likely skip it.

Throw Rag (Various) — These guys are from the area around the Salton Sea (if you don’t know about that place, LOOK IT UP!!! NOW!!! It’s easily one of the creepiest, most fascinating places I have been). There is an abandoned hotel there that has Throw Rag symbol stencils painted on various surfaces. I saw them play at Beat Kitchen several years ago. Probably the only time there has been stage penis at Beat Kitchen. Dude did some naked crowd surfing. I saw that sweaty, semi-erect thing coming at me and got the fuck out of the way!

Supersuckers (Various) — saw two consecutive shows at Reggie’s on NYE a year or two before I moved to Chicago.

The Reverend Horton Heat — I saw that he is playing one of the area fests. Will most likely be there — it’s a fun show! Saw him in Denver.

Eagles of Death Metal — kind of an obscure side project of Josh Homme’s. Unusual; NOT death metal; pretty much requires dancing, whether on purpose or not.

Kyuss (El Rodeo) — one of my top PLAY LOUD songs. Saw these guys in their reunion show in BRUSSELS! Yes, I went to Europe to see a band. I also learned about personal space differences in Europe. Shortly after the flight was booked, they announced a Chicago show. Ooops. Also saw them as Vista Chino (because Josh Homme is a dick) at Lincoln Hall.

Mondo Generator (Cocaine Rodeo) — “waaaake me up, wake me up and get me high”!

The Desert Sessions (I Wanna Make it Wit Chu; Pj Harvey’s Girl Like Me) — Great stuff! I hope they do more of these albums, although it seems unlikely.

Fugazi — How did I miss these guys back in the 90's? I remember my little brother being into them, so that’s probably why I dismissed them without even giving a listen.

Shellac (Squirrel Song) — “This is a sad fucking song”. I am certain that I have seen Shellac at least twice as many times as any other band. Too many venues to remember, but I do recall seeing them for the first time at Hideout before I lived in Chicago. Also twice in one day at Bottom Lounge. Many more…

Holly Golightly (Ruler of My Heart) — where the hell did this come from?!

The rest of the time I pretty much just zoned out, which is really unusual for me. I don’t know why anyone would ever drive in silence so I don’t know why I was doing it.