I’m Suspicious of Male “Feminists” — And You Should Be Too
Alicen Grey

i’d just like to say that i thank you for this important article and to promise you that there are some (probably few) men, who want to fight patriarchy without ever having the thought of it benefiting men, and who have wanted to do so long before “patriarchy hurts men, too” became a thing. i will also say that fighting patriarchy is good for all humanity, because i truly believe we need a female-centric, woman driven new collective approach to basically everything about our world. as a man, i am willing to give up privilege and economic advantage to do so. now i realize that replacing male leadership with female leadership in every possible place and position on earth and getting a critique of male-driven consciousness and an embrace of female-centric politics is not something that’s going to happen with a flip of a switch, or in my lifetime. so here are the practical steps i take, and encourage others to take, to address the parts of the symptoms of the millennium old status quo:

  1. advocating loudly to immediate put millions of dollars of money to TEST THE FUCKING KITS!! as i’m sure you know, many thousands of untested rape kits sit on shelves with the evidence in them to immediately convict hundreds or thousands of rapists, and yet nothing is happening, there’s no national outcry or urgency to get this done.
  2. unequivocally calling out victim blaming and image shaming in the media.
  3. only supporting candidates at any level who are not just okay with, but vocally and vociferously advocates for reproductive rights, health, resources, etc, equal pay, and family leave.
  4. sponsoring a girl in India with some of the very little money that i can spare.
  5. supporting advocacy groups like NOW, Planned Parenthood, HeForShe, ItsOnUs, as best i can.

I would very much like to know any other specific suggestions you can make of actions i can take to be part of the change and to be pro-feminist. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any response you make.