Not All Men? Well, actually…
Alicen Grey

so what is the advice for male allies? cuz i’m a guy who thinks we should tear down the patriarchy as fully as possible. put women in every seat of congress, supreme court and federal judgeships, every law enforcement chiefship, Fortune 500 CEO job, etc? yes, please, as soon as possible. engage in a full on cultural war on violence against women; make the national epidemic of 1 in 5 college women being sexually assaulted the defining national crisis of our time? yes and yes! declare with one collective voice that a male-dominated culture is the root of all the systemic failings of civilization? a resounding yes. am i willing to give up privilege and economic advantage to achieve this? yes. so, again, where does a feminist like that, who happens to be male, take their politics? and how do i say to another man, who considers themselves a feminist, but doesn’t agree with my above proposals, you are not a feminist? who i am, are anyone really, male or female, to say definitively, “This is the one true definition of feminism.”? how do we turn critique into advisable actions of advocacy?

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